Dtac APN + Tracker

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Don't you want to know your lover use which phone who using Dtac sim.
You can check your parents,friends or anyone who using Dtac number.
We can look a Dtac number was using which brand and what brand.
You can use free with this app.
Sometime we was opened an internet connection,But that connectons is not working,
and also can not sent MMS
You can get APN Setting,by sending APN setting message
It is only For Dtac Operator.
How to use
Before use this app,it need to connect internet connection or WiFi Network.
and install Dtac APN + Tracker App.
1. When you open app, type a phone number on the Enter Phone Number field and click Submit button.
2. Enter Code Below displayed in the field below enter observe carefully the Captcha field and click Submit appear save.
3. If you want look other was using brand,Please click Change Phone button.
and If you want to sent APN Setting click Confirm.
and an SMS will received to that phone number when you click Internet +MMS.
and open click to install If request password you can set 1800 and click OK.
Reboot your device and after you can see internet connection worked and you can send MMS.
You can download here : http://ht3tzn4ing.blogspot.com/2016/08/Dtac-APN-Tracker.html

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